About in York

In less than ten weeks, I will be deciding which university I want to go to- if I want to go to university at all. Fun. So, before all the stress of having to complete UCAS sets in, and I’m worrying about which uni open days I can actually go to because work won’t give me the time off, I decided to dedicate some of my Summer to visiting some potential universities (and sending off for prospectuses).

To get to York, Aiden and I took the CityZap bus (the direct route from Leeds to York) from Leeds Bus Station to York Stonebow. The journey took around 50 minutes, and was the more economical option as a return on the train was £26 each and a return on the bus should have been £8, but was £5 each for us because we’re students.


The university is a really nice place, full of friendly people and nice architecture. The degree course is a new course being introduced for the 16/17 academic year, so if I decided to go, I would be part of only the second year of students to use the facilities, which is an interesting prospect.

In reality, we stayed long enough to get the information that I needed- we didn’t see the point in staying for a tour of the facilities when the facilities weren’t even complete yet. After I’d finished talking to some of the staff, we went and sat in the ‘quad’ which was a square separating the buildings. I’m hoping to head back later in the year and take my parents to see the university as well.

Once we’d essentially achieved everything we set out to do, we headed back into the center or York to be stereotypical tourists.

York St. John University, looking like a Cambridge of the North

Walking around York, I had my Nikon D3300 equipped with it’s standard kit lens. The kit lens does have quite a detrimental effect on the images, but I was quite naive and didn’t think that at the time. Since then, my ‘standard’ camera lens has been upgraded to a Sigma 18-300mm (I’ll be posting about that next week).

During our stint as tourists, we went all over York- here are some of the photos:









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