Leeds Young Authors at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

Recently,  I was approached by Leeds Young Authors, asking if I could take some photographs of their upcoming event at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Having never done any sort of event photography before, I immediately accepted and then, almost simultaneously in fact, regretted it. Panic ensued.

In my mind, I had everything that I needed for an event- a camera that was good in low light (my Nikon D3300), a decent zoom lens (the Sigma 18-300mm), and a flash gun (a Nissin DI600). I reassured myself with “at least you’re not doing a wedding for your first event”, because doing weddings was always enough to induce some feeling of dread in my gut.

So, once I’d talked myself out of chickening out, I was actually quite looking forwards to it, was happily taking photos of the rehearsal using my flash and bouncing light off of the ceiling- everything was going well. Everything seemed to be working in my favour, until I had this conversation with one of the staff:

Staff Member “Lucy, just a quick thing?”

Me “Yeah?”

Staff Member “You won’t be able to use your flash gun just in case anyone in the audience has epilepsy.”

Cue more panic.

Some photos from the rehearsal/soundcheck

With hindsight, I should have realised this beforehand, but I didn’t. You live and learn. Nevertheless, I did the entire show without flash (the spotlights really helped and so did spot metering) and I was really happy with the results, considering that it was the first event that I did.

The show itself was split into two halves- Slam Poetry was in the first half (Priesthorpe School vs Lifeforce Productions), with the Original Singer/Songwriter following in the second half. After all of the performances, the awards were handed out, with trophies for the winners of the Slam Poetry Tournament and Original Singer/Songwriter, a special commendation award for the Judges’ favourite, and an overall winner of the night.

So below is a selection of my favourite shots from the night, the rest can be viewed in top-notch resolution here.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the night and the performers and well- everything really. To top it all off, the photos were much better than I imagined. Nothing compared to when the client told me how much they loved the photos. That feeling was great.

Hopefully have some more events to photograph over the course of the next few months, so, this should be the start of something good.

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